Why We Love (Your) Stories

August 12, 2019

Working in film and video production for a long time, you get to meet a lot of people – really cool people.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of folks, including big-shot celebrities (ask us in person and we’ll gladly name drop).

The greatest takeaway?

Everyone is interesting. Every. Single. Person.

You might not believe that about yourself – particularly when you’re slogging it out, working 24/7 or going sleepless to plan an event, craft a marketing plan or keep your business on track.

But it’s true.

Little Ox Film Company was founded because we love discovering a new story. We find gold every time we meet a new client for coffee, plan a project, and do an interview.

Here are three true and outstanding stories of people featured in our recent projects:

  • A blue-collar crew who acted like superheroes in a moment of crisis.
  • A single mom who fought through a year of tragic setbacks to start her own business.
  • Two brothers who are seeing hard work pay off as their small tech company starts to boom.

They aren’t celebrities. But they are amazing – to us and to the people watching their videos.

Little Ox is thrilled to tell their stories. Let us tell yours.