Reach your audience with livestream or recorded video

March 18, 2020

Use livestream or recorded video to help your business adapt and evolve.

If you need to reach an audience, but you aren’t able to be in the room with them, livestream or recorded video are excellent options for things such as:

  • Large meetings
  • Keynote speakers
  • Panel presentations
  • Theatre and dance
  • Classroom lectures
  • Business presentations
  • Annual General Meetings

Like so many others, Little Ox wants to help fellow businesses and non-profits protect people and minimize losses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Livestream or recorded video are two ways that you can still get your message out while keeping yourself and your audience safe.


If you have a message that has to go out at a specific time…

A livestream can go out in real-time to your audience members at their offices or homes, as long as all parties have an internet connection.

The livestream can also be captured and then put online for easy viewing in the future.

Recorded Video

If the timing of your presentation is flexible…

A recorded video is an excellent option.

We record the presentation and take it back to the edit suite to finalize and polish. There are excellent options for distribution to your audience, including video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube) or a file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox).

Yes, we can help protect your video so that only certain parties have access – using private links, passwords, and viewing expiration dates.


A livestream or recorded video setup can be as basic as one camera or it can have multiple cameras with professional lighting.

Either one can be done almost any location. It could be as large as a concert hall or small as a tiny office.

Whatever your needs, there are options for you and Little Ox is here to help find the solutions.

Reach out any time.

Cameras doing livestream or recorded video at a press conference