Stay Connected Through the Messenger Ox Project

April 28, 2020

Stay Connected Through the Messenger Ox Project

Social distancing can be tough. And being apart from loved ones can feel lonely. But the Messenger Ox Project uses technology and video messaging to help us stay connected even when we’re apart.

Inspired by carrier pigeons and the pony express Little Ox is pleased to launch the MESSENGER OX project. A video transfer service for people in Saskatoon and area with loved ones in a locked down care home (or anywhere really – we want to help and we’re not picky).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send us an email by clicking here
  2. Let us know your loved one’s name and care home
  3. We will send you an e-mail reply with a button that you can click to send us your video
  4. Use your phone to record your video message
  5. Still using your phone, open the e-mail we sent you (in step 3), click the button and then select the video you want to send
  6. We take care of the rest

For tips on how to record a really good smartphone video check out this post.

We will contact the care home directly to figure out the best way to deliver your video to your loved one. And there is no cost for this video delivery service. This is all done on a volunteer basis and we just want to help where we can.

If tablets or computers aren’t available, we are working with SHAW SPOTLIGHT (channel 105 in Saskatoon) to help care homes with Shaw cable to display messages on TV. Broadcast dates and times are TBA. Videos will be reviewed before broadcast and may be edited for time or content. Please note that SHAW is unable to broadcast copyright music, so please don’t include that in your video.

It’s a lonely time for a lot of us. Let the Messenger Ox Project help you stay connected with your loved ones.

Older woman smiling and looking at smartphone