How to Shoot Better Smartphone Videos

April 28, 2020

How to Shoot Better Smartphone Videos

There’s a saying amongst photographers and videographers that “the best camera is the one in your hand”.  Almost anything with a lens can make a good image these days. The trick is to use it in the right way.

Of course, we recommend working with professionals who have high quality equipment to create content that stands out. The difference in quality between an amateur versus what a professional can do is worth the cost.

But sometimes you just need to get your message out with what you have on hand so here are some tips on how to shoot better smartphone videos:

  1. Go to a quiet place. Phone microphones aren’t great at filtering out wind, traffic, or music.
  2. Cup your phone and hold it from the bottom – that’s where the microphone (likely) is. Also try not to change your grip – fingers can be really loud.
  3. Stay close to your phone. The further away you are the more other noise will get picked up.
  4. Look into the light (kinda). Face your light source (eg. window) and then turn 45 degrees. Usually this gives you the best light.
  5. Go horizontal (your phone, not you). It’s better for showing where you are, or adding other people into the shot (unless you’re using a platform that favours the uppy-downy format)
  6. Take the high road (and high angle). Put the phone at eye level or higher in order to keep your face and backgrounds looking their best (and keeping your chin count to 1).

Of course, there’s lots of microphones, lens additions and apps that help you look good too.  Our tips and tricks are pretty universal and usually work with any kind of camera, phone or otherwise. 

And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!